10 Tips to Improve Your Australian Small Business

10 Tips to Improve Your Australian Small Business

Your Australian small business needs to stand out from the competition if you want to grow it into something great. But figuring out where to start can be difficult. To help you improve your small business, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of 10 tips that will make your brand more memorable and build trust with potential customers. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to increased sales and profits in no time!

1. Always Invest in Your Logo

Investing in a quality logo is one of those investments that will keep paying you back for years. If done right, your logo can become an invaluable part of your brand and help you reach a wider audience. It’s also something that other people see first when they think about your business—and first impressions are important! A good logo makes it easier for customers to recognize your company, even if they don’t know what it does or who runs it.

2. Don’t Do Everything Yourself

If you do everything yourself, you’ll be spread too thin and won’t have enough time or energy for anything. Instead, hire out your work. While it may cost a little more money in some cases, a good business owner knows how to delegate tasks and should keep their overhead low in order to maximize profits. Don’t be afraid of outsourcing your work—in many cases, it will end up saving you valuable time that can be spent developing your business further.

3. Get a Unique Marketing Strategy

The first tip for small business marketing is that you need a unique, targeted marketing strategy. You can’t just rely on a spray and pray approach, thinking that simply having a website or social media presence will get people flocking to your doors. Any successful business owner knows that you have to have something extra special that other businesses don’t offer.

4. Go Mobile First

Though most small businesses have yet to embrace mobile, it’s something that’s necessary in today’s digital world. In order for your business website (or any other online platform) to be effective, you need a mobile version of it—so that every potential customer can view it easily from his or her smartphone. This will significantly improve visibility and search engine optimization for your site. Plus, customers are more likely to buy when they are on their phone.

5) Provide Referral Programs

If you’re running a business, one of your most valuable assets is word-of-mouth. From customer referrals to brand ambassadors, people who receive word-of-mouth marketing messages spread them in turn at a much higher rate than any other type of message. That’s why it’s so important to develop effective referral programs for your business that incentivise consumers and employees alike for spreading positive marketing about your products or services. These tips can help

6. Online Reviews are Important – Work on Them!

As consumers, we’re naturally going to look up your business on review sites before deciding whether or not you’re worthy of our money. That doesn’t mean that all review sites are equal, though—some have far more positive reviews than others. It also means that some sites allow users to post negative reviews while others don’t. It’s important to work on getting as many positive reviews as possible from every site where your customers can leave feedback for you. If there are any negative ones out there, try contacting those customers and working with them to resolve their issues so they can update their review accordingly.

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7. Create an Email Database

The foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy, a comprehensive email database is a must for any small business owner. With your email database, you can easily keep in touch with past and potential customers, connect with influencers within your industry and build brand awareness. No matter what stage your business is at—or how large or small it might be—you should consider building an email list from day one. It’s one of the best ways to stay connected with your target audience on a consistent basis.

8. Advertise with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to grow your business—even if you don’t know much about marketing. There’s a learning curve, but most people pick it up quickly. Spend some time on Facebook or with an experienced marketer and they’ll be able to walk you through what they do (and why). Then, simply mimic their approach. Don’t worry about getting creative right away; stick to things that are proven to work. When you get more comfortable, then start experimenting with different strategies.

9. Use SEO as Part of an Integrated Approach

Most small businesses know about SEO—search engine optimization—but few integrate it into their marketing mix. This is a mistake. Search engines drive more traffic than social media, PPC ads and email marketing combined, so you need to invest time and resources in optimizing your content for search engines. The good news? It’s not hard or expensive. And there are plenty of tools out there that can help you with keyword research, link building and other elements of successful SEO campaigns. (Bonus: You’ll also likely see an increase in traffic from social media platforms as well.)

10. Launch With Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to share information about your small business with both prospective customers and industry influencers. By creating engaging, informational content, you can generate buzz around your company and build brand awareness. Press releases also serve as a useful way to announce new services or features as well as share important news and updates with existing customers.

Step forward with your marketing

It’s important for all businesses, but especially small ones, to learn from what their peers are doing. Check out other local businesses in your area and pay attention to their marketing. See if you can glean any helpful tips that will improve your business. Don’t be afraid of getting advice from other businesses out there; just because they’re in a different industry doesn’t mean they won’t have useful advice for you. Some of them could even be direct competitors!

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