8 Tips to Market your Small Business

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8 Tips to Market your Small Business 

Marketing is the process of communication with potential and current customers about the product or service your business provides.  It is evident in every aspect of a business, from the development or introduction of a product or service, through to sales and promotion and after sales care.  Communication is required through every stage and enhances brand awareness.

The benefits of marketing include:-

  • Allows you to attract positive attention to your business
  • Connects with potential and current customers
  • Informs and educates people about the products or services you provide
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Fosters healthy competition between businesses
  • Boosts sales
  • Constructs a regular client base
  • Gets your business noticed

Targeting your marketing

With marketing being essential to business success and able to provide so many benefits, how are small businesses able to compete with big businesses spending lots of money on this.  The trick isn’t the money you spend, the trick is taking the time to understand how your marketing should be targeted.

Targeting your marketing strategy simply means taking the time to understand who is most likely to buy your product or service.  Taking this time to fully understand them, means you can communicate with them in a way they will best be able to hear it. The result is higher efficiency of your marketing campaign

For small businesses, the trick is to pay attention to both the current and potential customers you see everyday, who are they? How do they communicate?  What are they looking for? Where are they located? When are they looking for your business type? These questions all assist you in understanding who they are, and what is best to communicate with them.

Small businesses require savvy ways of achieving this, and the start of this process is the content you provide.  This is the basis of communication you are putting out to your potential and current customers. No matter the form it takes.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is cost effective and used most often.  How many small businesses do you see advertising themselves and connecting with people through social media?  Truth is you see it everyday.

Digital marketing covers everything you put online to promote your business, whether this be building a website with search engine optimisation (SEO), utilizing Google My Business, Social Media Marketing, paid advertisements through other channels online.

When considering digital marketing you need to consider your approach, things to consider are:

  • Content writing, anything written for the internet is called content writing.  Careful consideration needs to be considered, as keywords need to be naturally put into the writing, the target audience considered and the message you want to convey put across.  This helps provide valuable information to your customers and search engine analytics.
  • Visuals, whether they be images or videos, are a great way to capture attention.  In fact, you are more likely to get noticed if there is something visual.  Images and slideshows are a great way to get your message across, and videos are becoming increasingly popular.  If you are unsure where to start, then think about instructional videos or information pieces could be a great place to start.  There are some great websites that can assist you with finding free images, and creating this content so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Creating a blog section on your website, and regular blogging allows you to create links to your website and keep people informed.
  • Social media marketing is an affordable option that also allows you to connect with people, and aides in creating a community around your brand. Work out which social media platforms your target audience connects with, and for business networking purposes don’t forget LinkedIn. A note to remember, it isn’t about which social media platforms you connect to, it is about which your target audience connects to, and some quick research will assist with this.
  • Product launches are also a great way to market your business, if you have a premises you can do this from there adding an online element, if you have a small business operating from home or a smaller area you are unable to have a launch, then consider hiring an avenue for a launch.  The trick to this is to add an online element for broader exposure.
  • Running a competition or sales promotion is another way to gain extra attention, inviting people to do something in order also expands your contact base.  Be sure to utilise this contact base by creating newsletters (which could be taken from the blogs written or introducing a new product or changing perception on a product.
  • Sometimes you may need to change the perception of a product, because the message isn’t getting out there, in these cases, treat it like a new product, but change how you market the product.  This will help to generate new interest.
  • Placing your business in directories will assist to get people who are looking for your type of services to find you quickly and easily.  The online directories also provide links to your website in turn helping it to rank higher in search engines.

There are lots of ways you can create a marketing strategy that makes is cost effective, and while you need to dedicate time to it, the reality is you are sharing the excitement of what you do with others, in order to generate more customers to your business.

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