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About Small Business Near Me

Small Business Near Me is an online business directory aimed solely toward small businesses and was created due to understanding that the small business environment is thriving.  Research found there was a gap in directories that did not allow for small businesses to be able to link directly with customers. Small Business Near Me bridges this gap.

There are lots of reasons why small businesses are faring better than bigger businesses, and at its simplest form it comes down to being closer to customers and therefore being able to get a better idea of their needs.  Afterall, business is about fulfilling needs.

Trust and transparency

In recent years, small businesses have gained popularity because they have direct access to customers.  This aides in creating a community around a brand as customers expectations can be heard directly and adjustments made to be able to meet those needs.  Having direct access to customers also allows small businesses to be able to show transparency, build trust through honesty and provide personalised customer service.  

Trust and transparency are the most important aspect, with customers having lost faith in bigger corporations due to some fairly recent events.  This has been the biggest drive, along with environmental factors being made more aware, for the drive toward small business.

Directory of Small Businesses

Small Business Near Me is quite simply a local directory of small businesses.  Due to it only providing listings for small business, those people looking to source products or services from a small business can come to this directory to find one.

The definition of a small business as come directly from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, that states a small business employs fewer than 20 people.

Geo Location allows you to use the location facility on your device or search a particular area to see what small business is available in that location.  This means not only people living in the area, those visiting, but those planning a visit can source small businesses in the area, providing more ways for your business to be found.  This can be done by simply searching the area, narrowing down the area and looking for particular industry types in that area, opening up more possibilities.

Local SEO

Small Business Near Me also aides in getting your website seen in search engines.  This is called search engine optimisation, SEO for short and in the case of small business near me, it is local SEO that benefits.  This simply means that SEO for your business website is linked to the area your business covers.

Local SEO benefits are achieved in a couple of ways. The benefits include:-

  • A listing in this directory will provide a direct link to your business website.  These links help search engines analytics to see that your business has value, and therefore should rank higher.  
  • Paying a nominal fee of $4.95 per category per year, for a basic listing, featured listings will also be available. This fee aides with administration and upkeep costs of the directory, and the benefit for your business is that the search engine analytics favour paid, genuine links, such as business directories.  Therefore making this link of more value.
  • Name, Address and Phone Number local citations are provided.  A citation is any online mention of the business name, address and phone number.  These citations help in two ways, the first is they assist customers to find businesses locally, and in terms of SEO they are a critical factor.  Search engines take all data provided into account when determining if a business business analytics to improve rankings, and the more citations provided the more genuine and more value your business appears to have.  Ensuring your details are correct in every place helps to meet the SEO analytics of each search engine, because it shows that your business is striving to meet the needs of its customers.

Small Business Near Me is passionate about small business and assisting in the promotion aspect.  With this in mind, blogs will regularly be written both about marketing tips and practices and information on industries, this will aide in both getting the directory more traffic and aid in providing customers with information about different industries, therefore assisting each business gains more attention.

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