SEO for Small Business

How to Get Your Local Business on the Map

Local Directories Leverage Your Local Market Most Google searches bring up local results, such as “ merchants in Sydney “ merchants in Victoria “ and so on. In eBay shopping, the same applied, “used cars ” and “buy used cars

Customer reviews and Local SEO

Customer reviews and Local SEO & how they can help your small business Customer reviews are powerful. So much so, that researchers found around 63% of people will look up reviews on Google before considering a business, and 94% people

Tips to rank your website higher on Search Engines

Rank your website higher on Search Engines When starting a small business, the most important part is to create a website that is attractive and easy to navigate. Your website is the face of your business because that is where

List Your Small Business in Local Online Directories

Have you listed your small business in online local directories and niche directories? If you haven’t yet, then you probably aren’t maximising your search engine visibility with local NAP citations. The more online local directories you list your business on,

How do I find local businesses?

“How do I find local businesses?” is a question that Search engines answer hundereds of times a day, from people all around the world. The answers that Google returns the most often are results from online business directories. Online business

The Importance of SEO & Local SEO for small business

Every business owner knows how important it is to have a website for your company. Because people nowadays research before investing in anything, regardless of how big or small the investment. And having a website lets such people know about

Importance of Online Directories

SMALL BUSINESS NEAR ME Small Business Near Me was created to be able to link customers directly with small businesses in Australia.  Research found that more and more customers are purchasing from small businesses over larger ones. This meant that