Choosing the right web hosting for your Australian small business

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Choosing the right web hosting for your Australian small business

Finding the right web hosting for your Australian small business can be difficult due to the myriad of choices available to you. So what we will discuss here are the main points for getting the best web hosting for your Australian small business website. It’s also important to understand that the web hosting should be considered completely separate from the website, or the web design itself and it is much better to keep it that way. Web designers often have their own affiliations or reseller hosting plans, which may not be the best hosting for your business needs.

So let’s delve in to these major points which will be hopefully be useful, regardless if you are just starting out and haven’t got any web hosting yet or if you are simply looking to change or upgrade your existing hosting.

Web hosting location

For most Australian small businesses, getting your web hosting located in Australia should be a priority. There are two main reasons for getting Australian web hosting; speed and SEO.

It helps my SEO?

It sure does! With Australian web hosting your website will automatically be given an Australian IP address. So this already alerts the search engines that you and your business are Australian without much effort at all!

If your website is hosted in Australia, then you will be able to serve the website to your Australian clients and customers much faster. Now this isn’t talking about the speed the server we will discuss that further down, this is simply about getting the information on the web page to your customers device quickly and efficiently.

It doesn’t make that much difference?

Oh but it does! Maybe not a decade ago when we were living on plane old HTML and CSS files to create our websites but now with all the CMS’ s e-commerce stores the majority of websites now have a good 100 file requests per page (html, CSS, images, fonts, multiple JavaScripts, analytics for Facebook & Google). So even the smallest fraction of time delay can multiply very quickly. These time delays along with the sheer distance that the data has to travel (along the 5 submerged data optic cables connecting Australia’s internet to the rest of the world) simply means, that to serve your Australian clients and customers properly, you need your hosting base to be here in Australia.

If we look at one of our simple web pages here we can see the time delay quite clearly:

Website speed & analytics from a web page hosted in Australia and viewed in Australia with an Australian device. Showing Australian web hosting performance in Australia.
Web page speed shown connecting from Australia

Here is a view of how our blog page loads from Australia, with our Australian web hosting, as seen by GTmetrix. This is a simple 1mb page, with 44 requests. now lets see how Canada sees it…

Website speed & analytics from a web page hosted in Australia and viewed in Canada. Showing Australian web hosting performance from elsewhere in the world.
Web page speed shown connecting from Canada

So we see that the fully loaded time is now 1 second slower, simply down to the distance that data is travelling. In order for us to be able to serve the website to the rest of the world, we would need to add a CDN to help with the page loads.

Try it with your current hosting. Check your page speeds around the world, and check the performance of your current web hosting.

So Australian businesses looking to serve Australia only, you need Australian web hosting, if you’re looking to serve clients around the rest of the world then you will need a form of CDN to add your Australian hosting.

Scalable web hosting

Being able to upgrade your web hosting with extra memory, web space or database space & i/o increases, are also important factors to look into when we are choosing the right web hosting for your Australian small business. Most small business owners do not have the time to run and maintain their own standalone, or cloud server. Most small businesses don’t need that either.

With cost at a premium, we need to be able to start relatively small, but be able to increase space and speed over time as the business and the web traffic grows, but without the complications of having to move the whole website to a different company.

Our website here at Small Business Near Me, is very heavily database driven, as a lot of your websites will be if you have self-hosted eCommerce stores, or event/booking websites, and we are grateful to be able to upgrade our hosting at the click of a proverbial button.

Choosing the right web hosting for your Australian small business.
Image by ar130405 from Pixabay

Choosing the right web hosting for your Australian small business. 

Customer Service in Australian time.

As we are all aware, occasionally things go wrong! If we need to be able to talk to support, then we want to be able to do that quickly and easily and on our time frame. I would certainly want to get the full support here, rather than when the other side of the world has its support desk occupied by one man and his dog!

Exchange rates & costs

This one is a little more straightforward! Not quite knowing what price you will pay for your web hosting from year to year, or month to month is a little off putting. Let’s just keep it simple, and get our web hosting invoices in Australian dollars.

Australian hosting for Australian businesses

If you run an Australian small business, then Australian web hosting is the way to go. It helps you, and it helps your customers!

  • Speed of service to your customer base
  • Your web ip location recognised to help your SEO
  • Australian time zone support when you need it
  • Payments in AUD

Small Business Near Me hosts this website with Encompass Web Design, and we can recommend the web speed, price and service. Contact them to see if they can help you.

We hope this article will help you to see the benefits of some Australian web hosting for your website, or maybe just check out your website speed and performance at GTmetrix. Write your comments below!

Feature image by Jack van der Spoel on Unsplash

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