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Adelaide Underpinning Group has been supplying underpinning solutions to homeowners and businesses of Adelaide for several years. We pride ourselves on offering premium quality, affordable solutions for our customers’ needs. Whether you require screwpile installation or conventional board pier underpinning, we will work with you to discover the perfect strategy! Give us a phone call today if you require our services and we’ll more than happy to respond to any type of concerns!

What to consider when looking for an Underpinning Contractor

The process of engaging the right underpinning contractor for undertaking foundation repair work can be easy if you know these tips for spotting and engaging the right underpinning specialists. Unlike house renovations, underpinning projects are sensitive, which requires specialised knowledge in foundation repair work and dealing with reactive soils.

Here are the tips to help you lend the most reliable SA underpinning specialists:

  1. Interview Multiple Contractors– don’t hire a contractor you meet on the meet on the go. Contact reputable underpinning companies, that way you can filter-out underpinning contractors’ ‘sales talk’ from specialist advice. Weigh the different opinions, before making a decision.
  2. Check for Reviews and Past Experience– this gives you a clear picture of how the underpinning specialistswill deliver on your project, basing on the experience and reviews from customers. In the end, you expect a clean job from them. If you get more complaints, that’s a red flag.
  3. Check for Communication Skills– as underpinning specialists, they are expected to be great communicators to ensure that you are kept well informed until the project is completed. As the property owner, you deserve to be heard so that every proposed solution has your needs in mind. This helps you to check:
  • their level of reliability
  • project timelines
  • their level of professionalism and respect for clients.

Adelaide Underpinning Group excels in these aspects which is why you should consider us for affordable underpinning services.

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