Liba's Authentic African Cuisine

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LIBA'S Authentic African Cuisine, restaurant Thornlie
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Thornlie Square Shopping Center 318 Spencer Rd, Thornlie, WA 6108
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Authentic African Cuisine

You may have experienced the safari or probably have “safari” listed on your wish list, but how about treating yourself with a full-flavoured African cuisine, with thousands of years of tradition, as part of your African adventure.

Welcome to the Liba’s, the home of African delight.

The journey has been worthwhile. From years of serving gourmet African dishes as a hotel chef in Ghana, Chef Liba continued in Perth serving her highly sort-out dishes at birthday parties, wedding receptions, festivals and multicultural events.

Liba appreciates multicultural Australia and tailors her dishes to suit demands while maintaining authenticity.

Liba is thankful for all the encouragement and support in this venture. To those who called for a permanent location, “your wish has finally come through.”

To all our cherished customers, “Liba’s” is finally here to satisfy your craving. Come and be part of our tradition.

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