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Sultan Legal, Top Lawyer in Sydney
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Suite 204, Level 2, 255 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
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Sultan Legal – Lawyers Sydney

Sultan Legal is a boutique law firm, established in Sydney, New South Wales. Our primary objective is to surpass clients’ expectations and to focus on a result based legal practice, for both local and international clientele.

Business Commercial Law

Running an enterprise of any size can be a daunting and challenging task logistically and litigiously speaking,

Sale & Purchase of Business

Guiding clients through the complexities of purchase of selling a business. The purchase or sale of an existing business can be a complex process.

Intellectual Property

Creativity is a relatively intangible concept to wrap litigation around, particularly in the age of online content creation and the continual legislative adjustments and changes that are being instituted on a weekly basis around the country. Creations of the mind are often difficult to quantify and even to define at times, this is where the utility of an effective intellectual property lawyer in Sydney is illuminated.

Civil Litigation

Our litigation practice regularly provides advice and representation in broad range of commercial and civil disputes.

Criminal Defence

An arrest or prosecution can be very unsettling for the person facing it. We provide clear and decisive advice in order to avoid the charge.

Family Law

When considering the minutia of familial circumstances and litigious proceedings, there is a considered approach that allows for a lessened emotional impact for all involved

Migration Law

Those who have gone through the complex process of moving to Australia and the small caveats that run alongside it will attest to the often-unpredictable circumstances that can come about throughout the lengthy process.

Wills, Estate & Probate

Making a will during your lifetime is important to ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. Dying Interstate (without will) can result in your family suffering unnecessary financial hardship


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