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Transit Physio - Perth Physiotherapy
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Transit Physio – Perth Physiotherapy

Helen Tran has been a physiotherapist since 2010 and has developed experience over the years in spinal cord rehabilitation and private practice.
​Most recently Helen has been the Principal Physiotherapist and Manager of Operations of a small private practice, she has now decided to take her particular style in physiotherapy into a new direction.
​Transit Physio is ready to meet your physiotherapy needs.

Physiotherapy Services

Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization

A muscular or joint injury can really put a spanner in the works. With injury generally the PRICE principle can be applied if appropriate. Make a booking today to have your injury assessed and a treatment protocol organized to get you back on track to moving and playing well.
P= Protect the injured site.
R= Rest the area, reduce excess movement of the injured site to reduce further injury.
I= Ice the area to help reduce swelling and pain.
C= Compress the injured area with bandaging if appropriate.
E= Elevate the injury when possible to help reduce swelling to the site.

Dry Needling

Recurrent muscular knots or trigger points can be aggravating and slow you down. Dry needling is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of acupuncture and uses the application of dry needles to assist in recovery. Book in to see if dry needling can help you on your way.

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Surgical procedures can be quite daunting but booking in with Transit Physio can allow you to be better prepared for what is ahead. Transit Physio will be on board giving you directions to so that you can be that much more stronger, flexible and balanced before and after your surgical procedure.

Injury Screening and Prevention

Need to get ready for a new season of sport or changing careers? By identifying possible underlying muscle and joint problems before they push you off track, Transit Physio can be your one stop pit stop that keeps you revved up.

Chronic Disease Management

Working with your GP, Transit Physio can help provide guidance in terms of improving strength, control, flexibility and balance to help you stay in control and get you where you need to be.


​Finding that being on the road is wearing out your joint suspension. Hydrotherapy is a way to facilitate rehabilitation through water. The warm water can help to reduce muscle spasm, pain and aggravation to joints that land based exercises can cause. In return water can encourage muscle relaxation, improve muscle strength, coordination and balance while providing a comfortable environment to engage in physical activity. Contact Transit Physio to see if a hydrotherapy program is the right choice for you.

Massage Therapy

Need something extra besides physiotherapy? Transit Physio recommends Lee from Ascented Life Massage. Ascented Life is a massage and aromatherapy business in Morley, Perth. They offer both the tranquil setting at the practice, and a mobile service for your home or office. Lee Virgo has been a qualified massage therapist since 2005. Click the link above for the website.


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