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Mandurah Small Business Directory.
Find small businesses in & around Mandurah with our Australian Small Business Directory. Mandurah is located 70 km from the Perth CBD. Surrounding suburbs include Silver Sands, Greenfields, Coodanup, Dudley Park & Halls Head.

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About Mandurah
The Noongar (or Bibbulmun) people first inhabited Mandurah and named it Mandjar, meaning meeting place. When Europeans settled it is thought that they mispronounced the name and Mandurah was named.

In December 1829 Thomas Peel arrived in Western Australia, having financed his voyage in exchange for land.However the term of the grant stated that he needed to arrive by 1st November to secure the land, and not arriving on time, the land was forfeited. Undeterred Thomas built a small settlement at Woodman Point, and after facing many problems led the remaining settlers south to the area known as Mandurah.

Soon after, other settlers joined and in 1937 there were registered 12 settlers in Mandurah, thought to be from three families.

Mandurah has continued to grow since this time.

As of the 2016 Census Mandurah recorded 96 736 people and the area is still in growth. Tourism is a big industry in the area, due to its proximity to Perth and being considered a gateway to the South West.

With many attractions, visitors are drawn to the area recording 370861 nights stayed by international visitors, 1417347 nights stayed by domestic visitors and 1979024 domestic day trips to the area, it is easy to see that small businesses thrive, particularly in summer.

4581 businesses are registered in Mandurah, as at 2018, the information provided through the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Mandurah small businesses make up the majority of this total, and with so many around it is always a great idea to check out the online business directory before visiting, or for locals to ensure they are buying from one of the many small businesses in the region.

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Ground Floor, 53 Sholl Street, Mandurah, WA 6210 17.07 km