“How do I find local businesses?” is a question that Search engines answer hundereds of times a day, from people all around the world. The answers that Google returns the most often are results from online business directories. Online business directories are great sources of business information. People today turn to the internet and search engines to look for most things, from plumbers to pet shops. And, online business directories are the best sources of information regarding such local businesses. Hence enlisting small businesses on local directories will drive valuable traffic towards local businesses, while also helping to rank higher on search engines.

Thus, online business directories are useful for both local small businesses as well as people looking for them.

Benefits of Local Directories for users

Using directories to find businesses is not a new concept. It has just become much easier and more convenient since such directories became digital and went online. Earlier if you needed, say, a carpenter, you would either ask your friends and acquaintances for leads or go out looking for one in your neighbourhood. But more and more users are utilising online business directories to find local businesses and it is not without any reason.

There are more than one benefits for users when they take the assistance of online directories over the earlier methods, which are:

  • The businesses listed on local directories have their phone numbers and addresses updated regularly. So, you can contact them and find them easily.
  • You can see reviews of customers who have already used the services of the businesses and hence there are fewer chances of being taken for a ride.
  • Because many local directories let customers update the local business listings you will have authentic information on things like the operating hours of the business.
  • It is also possible to find pictures of the businesses, uploaded by either the businesses themselves or consumers.

Nevertheless, it is important to find and browse for local businesses in good and authentic local directories that are updated regularly.

Benefits of Local Directories for small businesses

By having their business listed on local directories with NAP (name, address, and phone number), local small businesses can benefit in two ways.

  • They will receive relevant traffic looking for the products or services they are offering through these local directories.
  • They will rank higher on search engines because enlisting on local directories helps with local search engine optimisation (SEO).

However, since there are so many online directories to choose from, business owners need to be careful about which local directories they choose to enlist their business on. Some charge exorbitant amounts for listing businesses but receive very nominal traffic. You need to find directories that keep their database updated, receive substantial traffic and yet charge reasonably.

The best local directories in Australia

I have done a bit of research to bring you five of the most reliable local business directories in Australia. If you are a small business owner make sure you have your business enlisted on these and if you are looking for local businesses, these are your best sources.

yellowpages.com.auThe beloved and very dependable yellow pages have gone online from print. There are very few people who have not heard of this age-old, globally recognised directory. Yellopages.com.au is an extension of the yellow pages that is especially tailor-made for the Australian market. You would be hard put not to find a local business in Australia on this directory. It is, however, a paid directory and there are different packages available for subscription for business owners.

startlocal.com.auA local business directory where the businesses are sorted according to categories as well as regions. The website also has some really helpful articles, tips and hints on different topics, such as air conditioning buying guide and tips on saving on hotel rates. Businesses can not only enlist but can also submit articles to receive better exposure. There is also a guide on how to search the website for best results.

truelocal.com.auThis is a very popular local directory in Australia that receives significant amounts of traffic every day. The directory encourages users to leave reviews of the local businesses they have interacted with, thus helping other users in the process. Businesses can buy premium packages to get several benefits from this directory, one of which is better search rankings.

smallbusinessnearme.com.auA true local directory of Australia, smallbusinessnearme.com.au not only lists local businesses but helps them grow by regularly updating their exclusive blog with marketing strategies, industry information, and local SEO hacks. This is one of the most affordable and reliable local directories of Australia where local businesses are categorised under different states, making it easier to browse.

local.com.auThis very helpful local directory website is well designed with businesses listed under different categories. One of the oldest local directories in Australia, local.com.au has been around since 1999.

Online business directories

Online business directories are the place most people turn to when looking for local businesses and now you know why. They are a treasure trove of information for local businesses. Hence by having your business listed will get you noticed by people who matter. It will also help your rankings on search engines because in the eyes of search engines the presence of your business in more than one online directory authenticates your business.

Author: Srimayee

Srimayee has more than 10 years of experience in writing for traditional as well as online media. A software engineer and a business graduate by education, Srimayee left her high paying job to become a freelance writer only because she was passionate about writing. In her short career, she has had her articles published on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.