Importance of Online Directories

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Small Business Near Me was created to be able to link customers directly with small businesses in Australia.  Research found that more and more customers are purchasing from small businesses over larger ones. This meant that an online directory catering to this was needed.  It provides a local search for people, allowing them to see what is available either in their area, or areas they wish to visit.

Adding your small business to as many online directories as possible helps your business in a variety of ways.  The benefit of Small Business Near Me is that it caters to micro and small businesses providing a platform to be noticed.


The most obvious benefit to listing in an online directory is EXPOSURE. The more people that know about your business, the more people that see your website, the more leads generated meaning more sales. It helps people who are already looking for your type of product or service to find you.


INCREASED TRAFFIC is generated through online directories by lead generation, an interest is sparked through an online listing from here, people will go to your website to learn more about you, creating a lead. The more leads you have, the more sales you can generate.


Online directories benefit LOCAL SEO the NAP listings.  This means being consistent with your Name Address and Phone number, with details being the same across websites your business is listed, that search engines will see your website as having credibility.  This credibility will increase your ranking in search engines especially in local searches. This in turn increases traffic to your website.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) occurs through increased links to your website, every time you create a link to your website, you are assisting your search engine optimisation.  It provides a greater internet presence for your business which search engines notice and therefore can increase your ranking.

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ABOUT MICHELLE Content Writer / Blog Writer / Digital Marketer / Freelance Writer With a passion for writing Michelle the opportunity to write and digital market for Encompass Web Design mid 2018 presented itself. Michelle assisted with a variety of projects after noticing her drive for professional yet personalised writing style Michelle gained experience in freelance writing. Small Business Near Me presents another platform for Michelle to write blogs and digital market both for the business and through the digital marketing agency.

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