With the help of our guide on top Instagram metrics, businesses and influencers can take a look at how their brands are performing with the public. With an Instagram Business Account, you can test insights to gauge the size of the audience, as well as make sure that the right people are seeing your posts. With Instagram insights, brands can review each reels performance to understand how it is contributing to the overall performance of their accounts. Instagrams Business and Creator accounts allow brands to access the analytics for their Reel in Instagram Insights.

Instagram Reels are an incredible opportunity for brands and businesses looking to generate awareness and sales on Instagram. Instagram Reels can also be another way brands and businesses can get to know their Instagram communities a little bit more. Whether you are brand new to or you already have an existing Instagram marketing strategy, consider creating an Instagram reel for your brand. Similar to TikTok, brands are likely to jump at the chance to work with influencers to make Instagram Reels about their brands, especially as Instagram introduced brand content tags on Reels.

Make sure you take advantage of this — and remember to create your brands other characteristic called reel hashtags, which position your content in front of the right people. With Reels, you do not need to have a specific amount of followers in order to be able to optimise videos for Instagram. Another feature called Reels allows you to make entertaining, short videos that can be shared with your followers or with the wider Instagram community. Like TikTok, Reels on Instagram allows users to add sound, apply AR (augmented reality) effects, and change the pace of their clips.

Show off lighter, friendlier version of youselves.
Show off lighter, friendlier version of youselves. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Similar to TikTok, Instagram users can record and edit together 15 to 30 second video clips set to music, and share them in Stories, the Explore feed, and a new card. At the same time, it turns out that branded content performed best in the other function, called Reels (while influencer posts were most effective in TikTok). With Reels, Instagram uses an extensive library of music styles to help brands put their products in front of customers. In addition to brands curated Instagram feeds, Reels also has the ability to show off lighter, friendlier versions of themselves.

Drive sales and traffic

With a billion active users already adopting Reels, it is time brands did too. For brands that have already chosen to use TikTok in the last year, getting started with Instagram Reels will be a familiar experience. Since so many Instagram creators are already featuring products on their Reels, adding in a product that can be purchased is a great way to drive sales and traffic to your Instagram shop.

Instagram for Business allows brands to promote products and interact with customers on one platform, unlike the traditional advertising and shopping model. Using Instagram for business does not require turning your account into a constant sales pitch. No matter what your business niche is, or what your type of business is, you have to capture your target audiences attention using Instagram.

Building a strong brand

Influencers and entrepreneurs marketers should realize the fact that Instagram can help them in growing their personal brands unlike any other platform. Building a strong brand on Instagram can help you drive more audiences to your website, blog, or sales pages. By posting regularly about your brand, you are making your voice heard, and you are targeting it at the people who might be interested in your business, which will generate more followers on Instagram.

Hashtags are a great way to help more people discover Instagram business accounts and get more followers on Instagram. Hashtags let Instagram sort and show your feed to users that Instagram believes would be interested, increasing your potential views, and thus, chances for going viral. Like Instagram posts, each Reel has a maximum of 30 hashtags, and you should use them all to maximize your reach and chances of having your Reel go viral. The best way to get a Reel on Instagram going viral is by making awesome videos that grab peoples attention and make them want to watch and share.

Engaging content

If you get a captive audience, if you have content that is constantly getting likes and shares, it is going to send the message to Instagram that you have got something special that others may also enjoy. Sure, it seems like a little catch-22 of having to be already popular in order to become popular, but Instagram is ultimately in the business of promoting quality content…so if you already have built up a reputation for making awesome content, Instagram is going to reward you. Since people are extremely reliant on Instagram Stories, videos, and IGTVs in Instagram, Instagram Stories would benefit your business in ways that never were possible, and you could hook an audience with engaging content.

With SocialPilot, you can gain this added advantage of creating content that makes the Instagram Explore page. You can use this social media platform to reach new customers, reach existing ones, raise brand awareness, sell products, do many types of promotions, and create an everlasting online presence. Additionally, Instagrams API allows users to publish videos or photos on the Instagram business profile via an external platform; it makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of many features that Instagram offers.

Instagram Reels is a unique way of advertising your brand to thousands of Instagram users so they will know about it, and considering that Instagram Reels is relatively new, it has not yet had any difficulties like those experienced by Tik-Tok users in entering recommendations, or in the promotion of Stories and single Instagram posts. Using Instagram Reels is not much of a consideration if the brand is only going to be posting the same kind of content, just in another format, in other channels.

Feature Image by June Aye from Pixabay