List Your Small Business in Local Online Directories

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Have you listed your small business in online local directories and niche directories? If you haven’t yet, then you probably aren’t maximising your search engine visibility with local NAP citations. The more online local directories you list your business on, the better are your chances of reaching more potential customers. Understanding why this can help your local business, so read on and find out why it is so crucial to list your small business in local directories.

Listings on local business directories increase your website traffic

Business directory listings increase your website visibility. This is a straightforward transfer of trust. The more trust, the higher your ranking and visibility, and therefore more calls to you and your business and more clicks to your website.

Trust and Authority

The more online directories that have your accurate small business information, the more trust and authority you will get from the search engines, such as Google™ & Bing™. The higher your trust and authority is with these search engines, the higher you will be ranked in their search results.

So, not only will your website traffic increase with a higher search position, you will also get the additional traffic from the online directory itself. Local directories will have their own rank in search engines in your area, or in the case of niche directories their ranking for certain niche keywords that are crucial to your own business niche.

Add Keyword Searches

You will often find that directories will add keywords to how you are found. Niche directories such as The Australian Small Business Directory at smallbusinessnearme.com.au will add search terms such as  “local businesses around me” and “small businesses nearby” adding new ways for potential customers to find you via their directory and keyword ranking.

Search engine visibility

Search engines crawl websites and directories with their own crawl bots. As this business information is read by bots, it’s really important to make sure all the relevant information is accurate and matching from directory to directory. We do recommend gathering all the info together beforehand and copying & pasting this information into each directory.

Business Listings

Ultimately, it is your customers that need the accurate business listing contact information. Maintain your listings if you move or change phone numbers. You can often continually add images or videos for new products or services. Some directories allow direct customer messaging from the directory listing, test it and send yourself a message and make sure all is still working.

Check your reviews

If the directory has its own rating system, or recommendations & reviews, check that you will get a notification so that you can respond to it. Responding to all reviews, good or bad, shows a business with its finger on the pulse.

image showing a cork notice board with post-its and notes pinned on. The centre note says "make things happen" increase your website traffic by making directory listings happen
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Local SEO & The Google Map Pack

Now you have listed your small business on a variety of online business directories you should start to see some upwards movement on your Google My Business ranking on the Google Map Pack, or 3 Pack. This can be dependent on more than directory listings, such as the quality of your website and your Google My Business optimisation, but your trust level will move the needle on your local search ranking.

Increase Your Local SEO Profile

Spending the time to get listed in as many business directories as you can will take a little time, but is certainly worth the effort. Niche directories, local directories, national & global directories are all important to you and your business in one way or another.

Gather together your business info, images, videos and of course your main NAP (name, address & phone number) and start increasing your Local SEO profile today!

Feature Image by judyback from Pixabay

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