Marketing Tips for Growing a Small Business

The year 2020 has been very unkind. Many businesses, small and large, have suffered losses with some even compelled to shut down completely. However, this year has also been a learning lesson. If you are to survive, you have to constantly evolve. Indeed, age-old businesses have realised that it will not do any more to stick to brick and mortar stores. Instead, it is time to embrace the new and go online.

Businesses that have switched to digital have managed to stay afloat for the moment, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. In fact, if this year has taught anything, it is that as a business owner, you have to keep up with the changing consumer behaviour, their buying habits and global trends. And, it is even more crucial for small businesses.

With businesses that had minimal online presence gearing up their digital strategies aggressively, the competition in the digital market space is set to increase as well. But like every cloud has a silver lining, every threat is actually a hidden opportunity. Take this time as a challenge to strategise new techniques to increase your market share. Here are some marketing strategies to grow your small business post this year.

Examine Your Present Marketing Techniques

What is your primary marketing technique, is it online, traditional or a mix of both? Where do you get most of your queries and customers from? Take a look at what you have been doing till now and if possible, have an approximate audit. Even if traditional marketing has been working well till now, you have to spend more efforts on online marketing hereafter.

Most people are turning to online shopping, and this behaviour is unlikely to change. A survey done on 3700 consumers worldwide reveals that most people said they will continue shopping online even after the pandemic is over. So obviously, you must go where your customers are, and it is online.

Be Super Active on Social Media and Engage

Social media marketing is the way forward. It is the most important platform to engage directly with your customers. Spruce up your social media presence. Even if you have been active on your social media channels, it is time to level up your game and go all out.

Be bullishly aggressive in engaging with your customers. Remember that most people do not buy from a business, they buy from people. There’s a reason people prefer to deal with small businesses over their larger counterparts, and this is it. Tell stories, ask for feedback and really connect beyond the platform with as many of your customers as possible. You will see the list of your loyal customers increase manifolds, and any business owners know that customer loyalty is invaluable.

Consistently Create and Post Great Content

The new-age marketing is all about content, be it written articles, pictures or videos. However, don’t just create content for the sake of it. Yes, search engine optimisation is important to show up on the search result page of potential customers. But more important is that these new as well your existing customers find your content useful, something that adds value to them.

Create different kinds of content based on the channel you are posting on but make them crisp and engaging. It is also crucial that you keep posting consistently. So that your audiences know that you are striving to add value to their lives constantly and search engines find you too.

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Make a splash with your marketing!
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List on Local Online Directories

The importance of this cannot be emphasised more. Update your business on Google My Business as well as local online directories; as many as you can. Make sure the details (Name, Address and Phone number) of your small business is consistent across all directories.

More and more people are turning online for information on local businesses. How many times have you searched for a nearby restaurant on your Google map? Like you wouldn’t find a restaurant if it isn’t listed on this map when you search for it, your small business will not be found either if you are not listed on Google My Business and local online directories.

Online local directories help search engines authenticate your small business. Hence the more place you list your business on, the better are your chances of getting found.

Keep track of the changing trends

This year has been the year of changes. Moving forward. nothing will remain the same, and we must all get used to the new normal. At this time and scenario, the only tip that would help you to survive is being vigilant. Keep track of the changing trends and update yourself continually. This is the only way to stay afloat now as well as in the future.

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Author: Srimayee

Srimayee has more than 10 years of experience in writing for traditional as well as online media. A software engineer and a business graduate by education, Srimayee left her high paying job to become a freelance writer only because she was passionate about writing. In her short career, she has had her articles published on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.