One in five Australians quit their jobs in 2021. What’s to say some of your small business employees won’t jump ship, too? Maybe some already have. You need to stay competitive to keep your existing employees loyal and attract the best new talent.

One way to do so is by offering outplacement services. Outplacement services help laid off employees find new positions quickly, and they can do a lot to protect your company reputation and prevent turnover contagion. Employees who remain will feel more secure knowing that the company has their back, even after they’re no longer working there. Here’s why you should offer outplacement services to stay more competitive.

Be a More Desirable Employer

Outplacement services are a perk that can make your business a better place to work. It’s never easy getting laid off, and many people feel a little shell-shocked when it happens to them – it can be hard to gather your wits and figure out your next steps after such a large blow. Prospective employees will feel a lot better about working for your company if they know they’ll have assistance finding a new position in the event they’re laid off. You’ll be able to attract more of the best candidates when you can show that your support of your employees continues even after they begin the transition to new employment elsewhere.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Disgruntled employees these days have access to a number of platforms that they can use to get the word out about their bad experiences with your company. Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media and employment review sites give displeased former employees the ability to reach a worldwide network with their complaints. A single, disgruntled former employee can do an alarming amount of damage to your brand and reputation.

When you offer outplacement services to help departing employees find their feet again after a layoff, you’re nipping public social media complaints and bad Glassdoor reviews in the bud. Former employees will have less incentive to complain publicly about your business if they feel supported in their new job search. Few things can protect your brand and reputation during layoffs like an outplacement services programme.

Maintain Positive Relationships with Departing Employees

Do you really need to maintain a positive relationship with employees after you’ve laid them off? You do if they happen to also be customers and clients. Perhaps you run a coffee shop and employ several baristas. Those employees are likely also customers, and while they may prefer your coffee because you give them an employee discount, they may also just really like your coffee. But they will probably stop buying coffee at your shop if you lay them off and they feel hard done by as a result.
Offer Your Employees Outplacement Services to Stay Competitive 1

Offering outplacement services protects your former employees’ positive associations with your brand. That’s important if you have employees who are also your customers. You don’t want to lose their business because they’re upset at being laid off. Give them the support they need to transition to new roles, and keep your customer base strong.

Prepare for Economic Downturns

By the time a recession begins, it may be too late to purchase outplacement services for your outgoing staff. While economists can make educated guesses about when the next recession will occur, no one can actually predict a recession with accuracy. There are so many factors that go into causing a recession, and many of them are unforeseeable. For example, no one predicted that a global pandemic would begin in early 2020, causing economic turmoil around the world.

You should be prepared for economic downturns and have an outplacement services plan already in place before the next recession begins. Economic crises can happen suddenly and you might find that you need to downsize or restructure your organisation in a hurry. There may not be time to shop for the best prices or the best package, and you may end up offering your laid off employees subpar outplacement assistance or no outplacement assistance at all.

Conversely, offering outplacement assistance can help your organisation again when the economy picks up and it’s time to grow. Not only will you attract better talent, but you’ll be better positioned to prune branches and departments in the interest of growing your organisation in new directions.

If you’re looking for a way to stay competitive in an employment market in which workers increasingly have the upper hand, you should consider offering outplacement services. Employees really appreciate the support outplacement services offer when they’re laid off, and will work harder and better knowing you’ll be there for them even when they’re no longer employed at your company.