Street Art, a creative expression found in the streets that does not limit artists to follow any predetermined rules of art or space. It is in another way a valuable medium of representing oncoming trends in the human cult.

In the times of Instagram and social media, the freedom to express and messages encrypted is what Graffiti is. With graffiti, the focus of the wall art Melbourne is on creating his or her style, mostly conveying messages from the social, personal, or political space. While most artists make use of pencils, pens, brushes, and paints to produce a piece of art, graffiti artists pride themselves on the skills of working only with spray cans. Graffiti is often called an act of vandalism that is intended to eradicate anti-government activities and weed out political opponents.

The evolution of street art

 Graffiti over some time has evolved from a delinquent activity on the street to an art form. Although in many places, it might still be a subject of debate, in today’s times it has become popular culture and is being recognized as an intelligent art form. In addition to murals and graffiti-covered pictures and even furniture, they have now become elements of urban home décor in the form of Graffiti Canvas Art.

The various forms of Graffiti have evolved in various forms of techniques that young artists can learn and implement and produce specific patterns and styles of their own. Today graffiti serves a dual purpose – conveying a strong message as well as being an aesthetic fix for run-down fixtures and also décor for the urban community. 

Canvas Art: Creativity at its best

 Graffiti today is no more an art that is limited to the streets only. With time the art of the streets has evolved as a professional art form with more and more art enthusiasts getting attached to it.

Graffiti has served as a medium for people to express their feelings and regressions through the medium of colors and paints on the walls and public properties. Many still consider it a nuisance and a serious form of vandalism. But graffiti, be it on the walls or canvas, leaves a very long-lasting impact on the minds of the people who view and understand them. Graffiti designs have always been loud, engaging, and vibrant; they are means to depict the mind of the artist and his thoughts as a creator.

Today, many reputed companies are endorsing the graffiti art form with renowned and certified professional street artist Melbourne who is solely devoted to their artwork. Companies are hiring professional product design people and fashion designers for such work and the professionalism and innovativeness of the artists are worth praising.

This is further helping such artists to inculcate the unique art form and offer people the best of designs and ideas to paint houses, clothes, wall canvas decorative and more. So, if you want the walls of your house or office to speak and display your thoughts, hire a graffiti artist and get them to make your own Graffiti Canvas Art.

Graffiti Street Art –the forms of creative expressions

Graffiti and street art, though termed ‘Art’, have been a controversial subject. Although it has served as a medium of social change, and/or a medium of expression of the community’s desires.

In many cities graffiti and other forms of street art have been associated with communities out of control. Though it might have been termed legal but within limits and valued as a social form of expression, still serves as an important form of ‘outsider’ expression.

The interest in these forms of art is broad, and the artworks, which may serve as simple tags of identity, to aggressive expressions of protests and politics, to very complex and beautiful images that anyone would term as art.

Graffiti and Street Art

 Graffiti and Street Art from their every inception have remained as a very raw form of expressive art, which have shaken all class barriers and have emerged as a separate form of artistic representation.

Graffiti and Street Art so precisely lie on the border of creative art and vandalism that it becomes difficult to eulogize them. However, Australian Graffiti Street Artists even though being pursued by the law, has steadily evolved into an important mouthpiece of the public and their rebellious expressions. Graffiti and Street Artists with no inclination to any controversial form of displays are there with the strong urge to express their feelings with these art forms.

Unfortunately, the profiles of the street artist closely follow an underground –anti-law route, and all because of their angst. Graffiti and Street Art are art forms that are usually generated in tough neighborhoods and ghettos, where there were very few or no rules and therefore the explosive creativity. They are the people, seething inside to express their feelings on territory walls, buildings, bridges, and even in public toilets. 

What do Graffiti and Street Art depict- Creativity or Rebellious Nature?

Graffiti is a medium to highlight one of society’s contradictions – protests transcript into product and expressed. Graffiti that is permitted by the law loses its power to challenge. When a nation or city provides a wall for artists to express themselves, it is like extending the artist’s permission without the powers to express. It may critique a city’s aesthetics, but the city itself becomes as much the critic as the artist.

Graffiti Street Art & wall art, still today remain illegal form of art in many cities, as the city authorities feel that it is a waste of millions every year cleaning them up. You may have a question – What is the point of spending so much time and taking the risk to involve in an act that will be removed soon? Some may say that rules make a city boring, a city with no character and freedom to express.

But, on the contrary, a huge segment of the population consider that even the simplest of things like photographing anonymous objects stacked on top of each other is an acceptable form of art, but why not graffiti and street art. In the perspective eye in an urban environment, both are innovative talents over the creative canvas.

So are Graffiti and Street Art creativity or vandalism?

 Amongst all the destructive activities that the mass would like to be engaged into, graffiti and street art offers a compelling alternative of creative expression, and this brought them the respect of showing the aggression on the form of art., though the medium has been criminalized.

Graffiti and Street Art are arguably the most impressive and relevant art forms of the time. It may have been attacked and destroyed; it has also been routinely commoditised in the service of gratification.