It is important to support small businesses because they have a big impact on the country’s economy. By helping to create jobs within the local communities and leverage the country’s available resources small businesses contribute to the economy in more ways than one. Not to mention the fact that by supporting such businesses you are helping the money to circulate within your country.

Indeed, the best way to support a local small business is to shop from them. Nevertheless, there are other things that you can do that do not entail money, but can have an equally big impact. Here are five free ways to assist your local business to grow:

  • Give them a follow on social media – Take the time to find your local businesses online and give them a follow on social media. Some local businesses solely depend on social media to get business and hence the more followers they have the more business they will get. For some social media businesses like those based on Instagram, the number of followers means a lot more than you think. Because Instagram allows businesses to share direct links and contacts once the follower count of the account reaches 10k. By following, and requesting people you know to do the same, you will help the small businesses to reach this milestone.
  • Engage with their social media accounts – You can like and comment on their posts, repost or reshare when you find something interesting, tag your friends, and give a shoutout to the businesses in your own posts. You can also use their business name as a hashtag and share on your platform. These small acts of yours can help your local small business reach more people. The reason is engaging with the content of a particular account have shown to increase their visibility on social media. With your small gestures, the business will show up on the feeds of people looking for similar companies and some of these people might turn out to be potential customers.
  • Be a generous reviewer – Whenever you shop from a small business, make sure to leave a review for them. It can be on a social media platform such as Facebook or search engines like Google or sites like Quora or local directories such as It would be best if you can write a review on the page of the business as well. Most people look at other customers’ reviews before they decide on investing in a business. Your review can help build trust in local businesses and can help them attract potential customers.
  • Recommend the business to people you know – Word of mouth has been one of the most effective marketing techniques since time immemorial. People straight away believe that something is good when they hear it from someone they trust. If you love a small business, recommend it to people you know, spread the news via your social media accounts or talk about it whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Subscribe to their emails and newsletters – By subscribing to their emails and newsletters you are helping small businesses know that you are interested in them. And, you will never know how much this can motivate them. You will have your own perks too because businesses usually send discount vouchers, exclusive sale information and free gift coupons via emails.



The above steps are pretty simple and will take very little of your time. Most of you will spend some time on social media, so why not utilise it to help someone keep their dreams alive? It is free, but would mean the world of difference for a small business who is just trying to survive in the competition with its bigger counterparts.

Author: Srimayee

Srimayee has more than 10 years of experience in writing for traditional as well as online media. A software engineer and a business graduate by education, Srimayee left her high paying job to become a freelance writer only because she was passionate about writing. In her short career, she has had her articles published on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.